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"🌝Lune Noire🌝 end a sample of Lune Noire. I’m always more than happy to try new things, but my views will always be my own & only spend time writing about the ones I like. I’ve worn this a few times to get a feel for it, so here’s some thoughts of sorts on Lune Noire.


Sweet floral orange with a hint of aniseed starts our journey. Rather than a trip to the stars we are pulled back to earth. Imagine your lying in your backyard looking up at the moon. A musky earthiness comes up from behind the sweet orange we 1st smelled. Hyacinths have a sort of mothball smell, it’s intriguing & I can’t stop smelling it. It hovers between some other florals; a quiet jasmine lurks, while gardenia lends its lite tuberosiness qualities to the mix. It feels cool to me, a lit

tle like a sprinkling of moon dust. Fruity wafts pop out now & then to remind you where you began.

There’s a dry labdanum woodiness too, with a sprinkle of salt. Maybe a tree is near by, your garden is near a city for sure, as a cold concrete aroma wafts in as the wind changes, combinding with the florals in your garden. It’s that after the rain cement feel, its a little powdery but not much. The earth warms beneath you as you lay looking at the stars, there’s a delicate leather jacket near, it adds to the soft worn leather warmth. The earthiness has that clean soil smell, while vanillas add more warmth & roundness to it. An earthy benzoin aroma ends this journey.

Lune Noire takes you on an interesting ride around your garden while imagining the dark side of the moon. It’s also an Extrait de parfum & lasts forever on me. It’s intriguing just like the dark moon is."

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