Will Somebody Be There To Help Me?


What Will I Have Access Too?

If you are booking "Space Only" then you will have access to both of our studio rooms and any backdrops in them. Lighting equipment, Tripods, Smoke Machine, Stabilizers, Props, Microphones Teleprompter, Projectors is not included.

What If I Finish Early?

Unfortunately we cannot credit or offer any form of refund for finishing early. Once the space is booked for a rental, the calendar time is blocked from being booked by other clients. If you booked less time than you actually need, you can extend your session, as long as the time is available.

Can I Pay For Props And Equipment Add-Ons When I Get There?

We would recommend pre-paying for equipment add-ons so that we will have them ready for you on the day of your rental. Certain add-ons need to be prepped/charged or brought into studio for sessions.

What Is Your Rescheduling/Cancelation Policy?

To Be Entered Here